Thursday, 9 May 2013

Mother's Day

God has given several gifts to human beings on this planet. Of all such gifts, the most precious is a mother. It is said that god cannot be at the same place, taking care of different people, at the same time. In order to fill his absence, he has gifted each one of us with a special person, whom we call by several names, such as ma, mother, mom, and mum. We at Floralis strive hard to make Mother’s Day a very special day for every mother. Make May 12th a memorable day for your beloved mother with a plethora of gifts from our online flower boutique.

Have you ever imagined a day without your mother being beside you? When you are unable to wake up on time to catch your school bus, it is your mother who wakes you up. She prepares your school bag and your lunch box. She helps you take your bath, have your breakfast and get you dressed up properly. It does not end here. When you have a bad day at school, it is your mother who helps you overcome the sorrow and boosts up your spirit. During your exams, your mother spends many sleepless nights with you, praying and hoping every second that you do well. When you pass with flying colors, it is she who enjoys your success more than you do.

Your mother is the only woman with whom you can openly share your sorrows and happiness. Think how boring it will be if you come back from office to find no one to welcome you back home after a tiring day at work. If it is your first day at work, it will be your mother who will be more anxious than you, asking you about your day when you come back. The day when you get that promotion, your mother will be the happiest person on this planet. And all this without expecting anything in return! 

Did you get married recently? You must have noticed the joy on your mother’s face on the day of your marriage. She ensures that everything goes smoothly during your D-day. When you have a disagreement with your wife, it is invariably your mother who ends any discord and calls peace between the two parties. Whatever be the situation, you will always find your mom beside you, telling you to be strong and never give up. Unfortunately there are many of us who take her for granted; or worse, think of her as a burden and tend to ignore her with time.

Floralis salutes all mothers everywhere and offers an impressive line-up of gifts to bring a smile on the face of this priceless person. So choose something thoughtful for the most special person in your life and cherish the smile on her face. Celebrate Mother’s Day this year with Floralis flowers and gifts and you will surely see the increased affection in your mother’s eyes. Nothing compares to making that one person happy who has always been happy for you.

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