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Flower Horoscope

Flower Horoscope

You probably know about your zodiac sign and its significance in your life. But do you know the flower under which you were born and its uniqueness? Flower horoscope enables you to discover more about yourself and others around you by associating a flower with a specific period in the calendar. By identifying the flower corresponding to your birth date and that of family and friends, you are able to better understand yourself and the people who matter.  

Here is a list of flowers with their corresponding months:

Carnation – January

Carnations traditionally symbolize fascination, apt for the beginning of a new year and its freshness. Dianthus is its botanical name, meaning “divine flower”. In Flower Horoscope, a pink carnation signifies womanly love whereas a yellow one means disdain. If you gave a red carnation, it would imply how much your heart grieves for that person. And if that person gave you a striped carnation in return, it would mean refusal!

Iris – February

Iris has the soft shades of light blue and white. It stands for hope, knowledge and wisdom. This flower is the symbol of the Italian city of Florence, where it is used against a red backdrop. Iris also finds a place of prominence on the Quebec flag as well as being the universal representation of Scouting.

Daffodil – March

According to the Flower Horoscope, the daffodil is a spring flower symbolizing rebirth. If you give a daffodil, it conveys warmth and high regard for the recipient. Daffodils are also used for decorative purposes by the Chinese during their New Year. The Republic of Wales has further increased the daffodil’s stature by making it their national flower.

Daisy – April

Daisies are popular among gardeners; those who don’t have the “green thumb” also consider them to be “friendly.” They are easy to grow and their vibrant blooms are appreciated by flower lovers all around the world. Daisies are usually associated with simplicity and innocence.

May – Lily

Lilies represent purity and are wonderfully fragrant. Yet, somehow, they are the most commonly presented flowers at funerals. That’s because their presence symbolizes the departed soul’s restored innocence after leaving this world.

June – Rose

Perhaps the most famous flower of all, a rose stands for varying symbolisms, the commonest being love. The ancient Greeks identified a rose with their goddess of love, Aphrodite. The Christians related a rose’s petals with Christ’s wounds. The red rose also symbolizes the Virgin Mary. If you are giving this flower, take into consideration every color’s meaning. Red means love, pink shows gratitude and admiration; whereas light pink conveys sympathy. A white rose means friendship and purity, a yellow shows platonic, undying love, orange means passion, burgundy is equivalent to beauty, blue symbolizes mystery, green portrays calm and purple conveys protection, similar to parental love. A black rose is hard to get, but shows slavish devotion.

July – Larkspur

Larkspurs evoke the worry-less summer days one remembers from one’s youth. This flower associates itself with lightheartedness and frivolity.

August – Gladiolus

Named after a gladiator’s sword, these flowers are reminiscent of strength, honor and sincerity. While some species are dainty, others are spiky and tall, like a sword. That’s why they are also called “sword lilies”. Gladiolus is attractive and seems enveloped in layered tunics.

September – Aster

Aster is often used to accentuate mixed flower arrangements due to its dainty form. It is also referred to as an expression of love. So those of you wanting to express their love a little unconventionally can opt for Asters.

October – Marigold

Marigolds originally belong to Mexico and the name is a derivation from “Mary’s Gold”, the Virgin Mary’s plant. These flowers are popular for their golden colors which symbolize autumn. They show fondness and affection and can be exchanged between friends and family members.

November – Chrysanthemum

These flowers portray cheerfulness due to their vivid colors. In contrast to their bright appearance, they are associated with death and used on graves in Europe and Japan. In China, white chrysanthemums symbolize lamentation and mourning. But elsewhere, they reflect positivity, honesty and joyousness.

December – Poinsettia

Poinsettias are an important part of Christmas decorations. They symbolize success and good times. For the ancient Aztecs, they were a mark of purity. If you plan on gifting flowers during the festive season, you can never go wrong with colorful Poinsettias. 

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