Tuesday, 31 December 2013

2013: A Year of Action Movies

As we approach 31st December, every year we take a look back on how we spent the year that has gone by. Our lifestyles are governed by the friends we keep, the movies we watch, the vacations we spend, and the work we attend to on a daily basis.

At Floralis, we believe in relating to our clients in all their walks of life and understand how social life influences their choices and tastes. Of late, we have noticed that many homeowners request flower decorations that they just saw in a latest movie, or a décor piece that resembles the one they saw in a movie. And let us tell you a simple secret, people have been asking us more for ash color décor items! This obviously includes ivory finish, platinum finish, and metal finish décor pieces. And guess what the source of such inspiration is?

The action movies which flocked multiplexes all through the year have done all the magic that takes to make you wish your living room was all decked up in shades of silver, ivory, and grey. Instead of telling you which items have been launched recently to meet up to these demands, we take recourse in quickly surveying all the action movies that have hit the big screens this year. As you walk up and down memory lane with this post, we hope you will instantly recall which décor pieces on our store that we are talking about.

We Had An Action Packed Bollywood This Year…Agree?

The year started out with the very suave Race 2 that promised viewers with a lot of suspense, thrill and action, but somehow failed to deliver. However, the exotic locales and home décor used in the sets have not gone unnoticed by us. Special 26 and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag had action of different flavors to greet viewers. From rustic Punjab to semi-urban Delhi, you saw a great deal of décor diversity. Well, almost. In the middle of the year, all of us were treated to the blockbuster from Rohit Shetty’s club of action movies Chennai Express.

 Many families drank up the beauty of southern India in this movie. And don’t we forget those exquisite ‘Thambarams’! November and December have been the big months in action movies this year. You got to see the very exotic Krrish 3, followed by the purely desi Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela. From there on, the biggest action movie of the year, Dhoom 3 took every multiplex by storm. Whether you like it in Gujarati homes or not, metal finish deers and antlers do make lovely décor pieces, don’t they?

Hollywood Was Heaven For Action Lovers!

The untimely demise of Paul Walker sent the whole filming fraternity in shocks. For most lovers of action movies, this was the worst they could expect in a year that had so many awesome movies being doled out one after the other. To name a few, we had White House Down, The Wolverine (3D), Riddick, The Hobbit, Vehicle 19, 47 Ronin, Kick-Ass 2, Thor: The Dark World, Ender’s Game, and so many more. It is really not surprising to see that many homes love blue-green décor after this flow of high action movies.

Here’s to more innovations in décor and design in the movie industry from us at Floralis. Cheers!

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Bakery Business On The Top: It Is Cake Time Again!

What is New Year party and Christmas without cakes, pies, and cookies? Well, your answer is also similar to ours when we say that neither of the celebrations is complete without the presence of baked sweetmeats. Yes, yes, yes, the best time of the year is here!! No more deadlines for another fortnight. Wishing friends and relatives happy holidays is really what you were looking forward to, while taking your near and dear ones to a family trip or a long vacation was what you were hoping would erase all memories of stress related to your workplace. Sure it would. 

In this season of happiness, we at Floralis would like you to make the most of the joyous time. Whether you are touring a city or are lazing by the beach, December memories are all about pies, cookies, cakes, and pastries. So yes, we are gonna talk about our favorite forms of food this season – all that is born in a bakery. And why not discuss the bakery as we discuss food created by them.

Forrest Tanaka from Kookie Jar

Cookies, cakes, cup-cakes and more, Kookie Jar has always delighted us in Kolkata with their innovative recipes and final presentations. Their artists know how to create a definite impression by creating a theme using basic kitchen elements like fruits and ribbons. Forrest Tanaka is one such creation. True to its name, the decoration used in this item of pastry uses a combination of fruits clustered on top of the cake. Placing your first bite feels like you have just gathered up a few berries in the middle of a deep jungle and are having a sumptuous feast out of it. Remember, the taste is exotic created through the luscious combination of chocolate cake and plethora of sweet and tangy fruits. The set-up is complete with two sticks jutting out of the mixture. The ribbon completes the decorative show, don’t you think so?

La Patisserie and Deli

With the dedication of these experts in cakes and pastries, you sure can forget about putting on weight while eating their dishes. If this is in any way a little flustering, then hello, we mean it! The bakery has placed genuine claims suggesting that all their products are health friendly and do not serve to dump several pounds of sugar into the body of the person partaking their products. Take for example, this beautiful white cake. The basic difference that La Patisserie and Deli dishes have with those served by other bakeries is the fact that they keep their decoration simple and elegant. No amount of colorful dressing can beat the simplicity of the pure white decoration used in this example. White flowers are a favorite with us at Floralis too. The cake is filled with vanilla essence and also holds mild tinge of Worcestershire sauce. However, none of the pure white color comes from synthetic color additives. It is pure as the word pure can be. So it is time for some decadent delights, yes? Take your near and dear ones to one of the finest bakeries in town.

As you enjoy their delicious delights, don’t you forget to thank us! With all love on New Year’s Eve…here is wishing you all a very Happy and Jolly New Year! 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

You Don’t Need Much Planning For New Year Decorations… Right?

The carols, the masses, the hymns, the smoothness - all these usher in the holiness of Christmas, often described as the best part of the year. Yes, this is the time when you get the maximum number of holidays both in schools and at work. Also, this is that time of the year when joy and happiness fill homes of the young and the old, the rich and the poor, alike. And suddenly, you fall into a brand new year! In most homes, Christmas and New Year decorations stay the same. So, once you have started out hanging those gifts on your Christmas tree, you are getting all ready to usher in a very happy and jolly NEW YEAR.

The Basics
Whether you want it plain or grand, we give you exclusive ideas of attaining both. Read on to know how to usher in the New Year in style, without much planning. Home décor has a few constant basics and we touch upon all these points keeping your New Year celebrations in mind.

The Curtains

Many homeowners want simple and elegant décor to freshen up their homes during Christmas. White curtains or those of light yellow or blue shades create the tone for white Christmas perfectly. You can carry the look into New Year with only a few brightly colored accessories like flower bunches and table lamps, to create a sober contrast. For those of you who like glamour to touch your walls, add a double color combination of white with red or blue satin or silk curtains. Even gold can create magic. This adds an exquisite finish to your drapery.

The Flowers:

Go for bright colored dried flower bunches interspersed with white bunches of gardenias, jasmines, and agapanthus. Nothing compliments the mood of New Year after Christmas, better.

The Tables and the Table-cloths:
When the cake arrives, you would want your table to be in perfect tuning with the shades on your walls, right? Go for all white table cloth and linen if frosty white as your theme for Christmas. In case not, try using white cloth with red or turquoise blue napkins.  Or just go gold. 

The Utensils and Cutlery:
Porcelain or glass, traditional decorators would suggest either of the two for a white Christmas. However, ivory, silver, and golden finishes work wonders in bringing a classy finish to your table. Match them with some golden brocade cutlery, and you are done!

Accessories : Clocks, Vases, and Candle-holders
A new mirror on the wall, a giant wall-clock, glass or silver finish flower vases, teddy bears along the sofa line, and glass or metal finish candle-holders are few of the accessories you could use to add to the beauty of your rooms. Don’t forget to use a lot of candles for the night effect. 

Some like it simple. Some like it grand. And we like both. At Floralis, we recognize the individual tastes of our customers. If you want to go for a plain white Christmas decoration at home and use décor for just that New Year party you have planned to throw at home, we have options ready for you. Alternatively, if you want a lavish and colorful Christmas at home, one that is complete with three tier cakes, gifts and parties, and carry the decoration unto New Year, we have a host of hot deals for you!

Ultimately, with Floralis products by your side, you get to fulfill every dream of impressing your gusts, just the way you want them to. Check out our latest offerings, hot deals and more tips at our website here. And once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! See you all, on the other side.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Christmas Time : Do You Like Decorations Colorful or White?

Bustling Santa Clauses and showers of surprises and gifts, Christmas is when all this and much more happens. Near and dear ones meet up for gatherings, friends and family indulge in year-end partying. And you sure have many guests at home almost every single day of the month. At home, you could create your own distinct Christmas, complete with a Christmas tree and gifts for little ones too. So tell us, which home décor do you like best during Christmas?

Colors For Your Christmas Home Decoration

Predominantly red, Christmas home décor mainly builds on the party mood of the season. You have all the scope to impress your guests with lavishing red satin pouring from your tables and curtain rods. When the sequins shine, how can the vases and teddies stay far behind?

Ideally, although red stays up-front, neutral colors like white, light yellow, light blue, and light shades of purple are often used to give a sound background to the jubilations. Therefore, we often come across white or off-white curtains in homes these days.  

Needless to say, as a background white scores highest in numbing any visual hindrance to the highlighted and specially decorated parts of a room. Complete the décor of your living rooms and other rooms through the use of red satins, purple dried or fresh flowers, and polished vases and artifacts. Your room should shine bright and these few steps will help you attain precisely that. 

White Christmas In Your Home. Yes?

For those of you who love snowflakes and white Christmases, there is no need to despair if colors surround you. Through the clever use of white décor items and a little upholstery, your home could be a snowy heaven complete with the moonlit touch of ivory on its walls. How do you go about creating one? Simple. Gather up fresh flowers like frangipanis, gardenias, star jasmines, and agapanthus. You could get these specially ordered from your local floralist. Agapanthus gives white blooms that fill in your Christmas vases perfectly. Touch up your walls and windows with white chiffon or light blue silk draperies. Add in dried flowers to create the ultimate snowy feel.

Make sure the table cloths, napkins, and extra clothing in the room is spotlessly white. Complete the warmth of Christmas at home with a white Hurricane lamp on your dining table. Sticking to the white code, may not be possible in case of wine racks, flower vases, and utensils. Use ivory and silver finish in these cases. Try and use products that have light golden brocade work in the silver body. To finish the frosted look, you will need lots of candles. Make sure your assortment of candle holders are close to the shades of snow. Perfect finishes come in when you use a variety of tea light candles and flower candles in all corners of the room. 

Floralis takes extreme pride in presenting to you exquisitely finished artifacts that suit both colorful and white Christmas decoration. Check out the latest we have to offer and hey you, don’t miss out on those hot deals! You will find them nowhere else but here

Merry Ho Ho Everyone!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Floralis Tips : Say Hello To Winter In Style

A brand new season and a brand new set of offers, your life only gets better after this. Winter is that time of the year when cozy sweaters and trendy jeans line your cupboards. We at Floralis love to celebrate the season with our fresh and vibrant set of products that are all set to make your neighbors turn green with envy. It could be just an informal get-together or your child’s birthday bash. One cake that sets everybody’s heart drooling and you become the latest hot topic of your section of the town. At Floralis, we give you a host of ideas in creating the buzz around your lives this winter. Are you ready?

From cakes to florals : You take your pick!
Changing the décor of your home is not a big task, when you have our products helping you accomplish every dream without much worry about the expenses involved. Take a look at these products that we showcase here, and you will know where to click next, in just no time! 

Cakes and Chocolates : Sweet is when your friend gifts you a piece of chocolate suddenly. If you agree with us when we say this, then a sweet chocolate cake should be your top choice in gifting and offering to guests at home. And which season do you think chocolates and cakes suits best than the season of Jingle Bells and Santa Clause? This is where your answer lies. All you have to do is visit our website and avail those rare deals that we have to offer to you this winter season. 

Fresh Flower Collections : The giant marigold is an all-time favorite. So are roses. If you want to wish a special someone this winter, you can create a nice bouquet using the season’s best fresh flowers from our store. On our website, you can also choose from flowers by colors, giving you a wide range of options in creating the right impact on the recipient. Have a look at these marvelous creation - 

Garden Décor : Well, Christmas is approaching fast and sooner or later, you will need to prune up those bushes for the right kind of Christmas lighting. How about a few garden animals to nibble at your hanging planters? Well, you could bring in the winter magic by using our exclusive garden décor products that seem to be suited rightly for winter. In addition to planters and artificial animals, you also get to choose from garden sticks, colorful water cans, and a wide array of planters. 

Home Décor : To bring in the warmth of a fireplace in your drawing room, you could use a set of glitter flowers and dried flowers. This way you don’t even have to buy an electric fireplace. Just that old room heater accompanied by a few candle holders, and you are in the middle of the ever rustic Alaska. Agree?
Floralis believes in giving every customer a wide range of options to select from. And this is where we have seen those rare smiles on their faces when they come back to us the next time, and the next time, and the next and so on. Yes, we believe in standing by your choices and therefore, your very obvious destination for shopping floral decorations, gifts, and home and garden décor should be here. See you there! SOON.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

2013 : The Year Of Twin Bharat Ratna Awards

It was an emotional day in Mumbai when Sachin Tendulkar was preparing to give his farewell speech to the hundreds assembled there. It was his 200th Test and his final appearance in any form of international cricket. And all of a sudden, we were watching a Bharat Ratna talk to us from the stadium. This was the cleverly timed move of the central government, which decided to give the nation its youngest Bharat Ratna in the form of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. A phone call that turned Tendulkar teary-eyed proclaimed him as the first sportsman ever to receive the highest civilian award in India. He is also the youngest of all the Bharat Ratna awardees till date.
Along with Tendulkar, Prof. C.N.R. Rao was announced to be the other recipient of this year’s Bharat Ratna award. This twin announcement from the Prime Minister’s office gave followers of respective field of sports and science new icons to look up to. At Floralis, we salute the immense patience and fortitude upheld by these masters. Here, is a quick peek into the lives of these maestros and their achievements. Needless to say, it is a pleasure and a tough task going through their bio-datas and presenting to you a simplified list of their mammoth achievements. Here we go –


  • Born on 24th April, 1973.
  • Premiere Indian batsman who has appeared in six cricket world cups.
  • Debut in international cricket in 1989 in both Test and ODI formats.
  • Only cricketer in the world who has played in 200 Test matches in all his life.
  • Has 51 Test centuries to his credit, highest in the world.
  • Average test run rate has been 3.86 percent, highest ever in the world.
  • In ODI, he has 49hundreds to his credit.
  • The first cricketer to score a double century in ODI format in the world.
  • He has 96 half centuries to his credit in the ODI format
  • First cricketer to have scored 100 international centuries.
  • Announced retirement from ODI on 23 December, 2012, Twenty20 cricket on 26 May, 2013, and from Test cricket on 16th November, 2013.  


  • Born on 30th June 1934 in Bangalore, India.
  • Eminent scientist in the field of solid state and materials chemistry. He is considered an international authority in this field, thankstoa highly impressive number of publications.
  • Author of 1400 research papers published till date. Author of 45 books in materials chemistry. Check your academic texts and you might have referred to his works in those chemistry classes!
  • Recognition from major scientific establishments all over the world in the form of fellowships and memberships.
  • Winner of many prestigious international awards for excellence in science.
  • Recipient of many national awards for excellence in his field including the Padma Vibhushan.
  • Presently, he is the Honorary President of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore, India.
  • Presently serving as the head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister of India.

A huge shout-out to these two mega achievers! Hearty congratulations from all of us here at Floralis.