Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

If there’s a way to segregate people based on their relationship status, it is Valentine’s Day. Come February and this divide starts to show: people who are in love, and not just with their own selves, seem to be busy making plans to celebrate February 14 with their Valentines. While the rest of the gang cry, scream, scratch their hair and look sullen – though not in public – lovebirds get ready to strut their stuff! Either way, Valentine’s Day is a day of love which should be enjoyed irrespective of whether you are committed, recently single, looking for “true” love or a narcissist. At Floralis, we make it easier for you to usher in the day of love with a stunning range of fresh and exotic flowers, candles, cakes, chocolates, glass vases, artificial and dried flowers, wall hangings and other home décor items. 

Valentine’s Day has become one of the several festivals Indians look forward to. Like Christmas, V-day, as it has come to be known over the years, is an important event in the educated Indian’s annual calendar. It has shed its tag of being a “western influence”, although this transition has been far from easy. There are still some self-appointed guardians of society who act as the moral police and have reportedly created nuisance, harassing those unlucky enough to fall in their way on the 14th of February. Albeit the number of violent and unwanted incidents surrounding Cupid’s day is dwindling with every passing year, yet we still hear of a few stray occurrences here and there. This is sad, given the fact that these protests demonstrate how apathetic certain segments of society are towards an individual’s fundamental rights. But all these haven’t been able to deter those who want to express their emotions to the people they love.

Whoever said February 14 is only meant for lovers couldn’t be more wrong. Infact, just about anybody can be your Valentine: parents, family, friends, relatives or colleagues. By that criterion, Valentine’s Day is a day you can spend with your cousin or even your gym buddy as long as that person has a special place in your life. True, those who matter should be celebrated every day of the year but thanks to our hectic and highly compartmentalized lives, time is always at a premium. Even if we want to, we cannot afford to spend quality time with those who matter throughout the year. And that’s why this one day has become a highly sought-after platform to express the most basic yet complex and endearing human emotion – love! 

This year, Valentine’s Day is on Thursday. So, if you haven’t yet decided what to gift your special someone, there’s still time. Visit Floralis and choose from a wide range of gifting options, with personalization available across different product categories to allow you to make the right impression. 

Worried that your Valentine won’t receive his or her gift on D-day? Put your worries aside with our Express Delivery: your token of love reaches your beloved the same day you order them. Isn’t that great? Shop online from anywhere or come to our stores and discover new ways of spreading love and joy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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