Thursday, 7 February 2013

Rose Day

Rose Day

For friends and lovers across the world, February 14 is a special date. It is universally celebrated as Valentine’s Day, the day people express their love for one another. Experts have different opinions regarding the origin of Valentine’s Day but one common theory is that it originated from a Roman, named St. Valentine. He became a martyr who refused to give up Christianity and died on February 14, 269 A.D.
But Valentine celebrations last a full week, starting with Rose Day, which falls on February 7. For centuries, couples, friends and relatives exchange roses, expressing their love and passion for one another. A rose has always been considered a symbol of everlasting togetherness. Although different colors signify different emotions, the core idea of expressing one’s feelings remains unchanged. So if you are planning to make someone feel special this year, begin with Rose Day, which is this Thursday.

While the traditional favorite has always been a red rose, people are now looking for more unique colors to add a personal touch to their expressions. Subtle variations in color have far-fetched connotations, and if you don’t know which one’s what, it is better to read on before making that hasty trip to your florist. Cardinal red denotes sublime love. Burgundy is associated with complimenting someone who is unaware of her beauty; while Fiery Red shows off your passionate feelings in the best possible way.

If you happen to be in a platonic relationship, like friendship, get Yellow Roses. They represent care and concern, signifying the happiness and joy derived from being faithful friends. Having said that, it is best not to let ambiguity spoil your beautiful relationship: refrain from gifting a yellow rose with a red tip as that symbolizes a friendship blossoming into romantic love. You may think, “Who would know the difference?” But the truth is many do!

White Roses stand for purity and innocence and hence, you can never go wrong with them at weddings or anniversaries. A Pink Rose has a lot of versatility; hence it can portray a variety of emotions. If you want to show gratitude or appreciation, stick for darker pink. Lighter pink roses convey admiration or joy. You can combine pink and white roses as a token of non-romantic affection and appreciation for the concerned person.

If you happen to be struck by Cupid, Lavender Roses can speak the unspoken for you. They symbolize love-at-first-sight and the other person’s mesmerizing beauty. Shades of Purple can also do the trick as they exude majestic or elegant beauty. It helps that purple is synonymous with royalty. If you cannot stop fantasizing about a special someone, express how you feel with Orange roses. They stand for desire, enthusiasm and your newfound fascination.

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