Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Mothers’ Day

Mothers are a child’s inspiration, their personal adviser, and most importantly world’s best friend one could get. Their pure, unconditional love and sacrifice for their child overpowers all other joys and riches. Mother’s day, thus, is celebrated worldwide to thank and honor such noble hearts. It’s a day when a child gets full freedom to express their own love and gratitude towards their mother. This day gives the society a chance to pamper these divine souls, who have never failed in pampering others. Children and young adults, take up the opportunity to make their mother feel special and loved. 

This culture of celebrating motherhood and the maternal bonds initially started off in US and was gradually adopted by various other countries. For different countries, this ‘occasion’ has their own different meanings and beliefs. The day is celebrated on varying dates (mostly in March or May) in the different parts of the world. While, in some countries, it is legally offensive not to mark this day, there are many other countries where Mother’s day is a little-known festival, mainly covered by the media. Mother’s day, in many few countries are an extension of religious beliefs and festivals. The celebration takes place in quite distinct ways of the various societies. In the Hindu culture, the day is celebrated through pilgrimages, and in the Roman Catholic culture, the holiday is associated with Mary Virgin. In the western culture, the day was recognized by gifting all mothers with incarnations during the early era. Later, this ‘ritual’ was modified, and now, the children not only gift their mothers with flowers but also with handmade cards, presents and various little surprises. In many cultures, Mother’s day form a part of an event in schools and educational institutions. In such events, all the students perform, especially for their mother, different arts and talents. For mothers, its like a day off from their daily monotonous routine and a day for enticement and refreshment. The day, celebrated however, brings the family closer, making the maternal bonds stronger. 

The benefits of this day are not only that of rejuvenation but, it also provides all mothers with the much deserved dignity and respect. Mother’s day is essentially a way to salute the unending efforts of a mother. 

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