Saturday, 13 July 2013

Candles – let there be light

What do you see when you open the newspapers? Or surf the internet? Or for that matter, go out on the streets? The world around us is becoming a very dark place to live in. There is too much negativity, pessimism and a general sense of hopelessness that seems to surround us, engulf us and devour us. It seems as if time has spewed a dark web and we are getting entangled in it no matter how hard we try to fight. Crime, both political and social, is on the rise. Misappropriation and embezzlement of public money are common affairs. Bribery has become the order of the day, from getting a simple file passed to getting away lightly after a major traffic violation. 

Coupled with sedentary lifestyles in urban and semi-urban areas, we have managed to live in all this darkness and even somehow gotten habituated to it. So, what can you do to eliminate some of the eclipse?

Get some candles from Floralis and illuminate more than just your rooms. Take for example our Luminary candle. Or the Mottle candle. They not only light up your personal spaces but also add to the interior décor of your home. You can also try our Square candles. These have beautiful artwork and embellishments on them which help you make a statement in front of visitors. Then there are Moonlight candles that have been specifically crafted keeping modern sensibilities in mind. All Floralis candles are high on aesthetic values and complement different interior settings – from the traditional to the contemporary and from the artistic to the minimalistic. That’s why you don’t have to worry about your candles interfering with the overall look and feel of your haven. Moreover, we use quality wicks which light up easily with minimum fuss. Even if things look bleak on the outside, rest assured there is something bright to look forward to back home.

Looking for a suitable gift for your friend’s housewarming? Or are you still confused what to gift your cousin on her birthday? Fret no more because you don’t have to look any further. At Floralis, we are always trying to make gifting fun; and quick as well. With Express Delivery, your loved ones will open your gifts the same day you order them. In addition, shopping for that perfect present is easier, quicker and more convenient with one-click checkout. You can go on adding items to your cart as you shop and once you are done, simply click on the “Checkout” link and proceed to pay.
If you want to modify your cart, you can do so without breaking into a sweat. You can pay through multiple modes as well. All payments are processed through a secure payment gateway so that your financial data is always safe. Be sure to browse through a large variety of novelties and home décor items at our online boutique or visit our stores across the “City of Joy” – Kolkata. And whenever darkness seems to envelope you or your family, remember our candles – let there be light!

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